Friday, January 5, 2018

Proximity 2018

What's in Store for 2018?

I'm glad you asked. First off all, this blog will be updated more regularly. You can call it my new years resolution. Every Friday there will be a post about what we talked about/did at Proximity the night before. This will give you as parents an ability to further the conversation we are having with your teenagers. As youth, this will help give you a refresher or catch you up if you missed the night.

As to what's in store Thursday nights: we are starting a new series at Proximity called "Faith?" and at Jericho/Mountainview Community Group we are going to be looking at different types of Prayer.


In our new series at Proximity we are letting the youth take control. We are going to collect their questions about God, life, and faith at kickoff and use those questions to structure what we are going to talk about this year. Doubt is often viewed as a lack of faith but in reality doubt can actually strengthen our faith. When we ask the tough questions we begin on a journey to find answers and this journey leads us closer to God. That is the goal of our series, to embrace our doubts and use them to strengthen our faith in and love of God.

Proximity CG

At Community Groups we are not just going to talk about prayer, we are going to pray. Sometimes we feel like our  prayers are bouncing off the ceiling or sometimes we just do not know what to pray. Some of us may even struggle with what the point of praying is anyhow. Through this year we are going to spend our evenings trying out different types of prayer. The goal of these prayer experiments is to help the youth expand their prayer tool belt and help them find the ways in which they feel most comfortable praying and stretch them in their prayer life. We want to see our students develop strong prayer lives and this series can be a first step towards that.

Now you have an idea the direction that we are heading in for Proximity this year. Please join us in prayer for our youth that we would see them make their faith their own and develop strong habits that grow them deeper in relationship with God and deeper in relationship with others. The first Proximity night of 2018 is Thursday, January 11 with Community Groups occurring the following week (Thursday, January 18).

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