Friday, September 9, 2016

Student Ministries Update

 Welcome to Proximity

Student Ministries 2017 Update

September is coming which means it is almost the start of another youth year! I’m sure you are all as excited as I am for the great year that lies ahead. Here is what Student Ministries at Jericho is going to look this year:

Proximity: As many of you may be aware we have partnered with Mountainview Alliance and Riverside Calvary Chapel in an event called Fusion for the past 5 years. We have decided to bring all our efforts under one umbrella called Proximity. No longer will it be called Fusion, or Wired (Jericho), or Elevate (Mountainview). We feel that Proximity reflects our desire for our youth: closeness to God and closeness to each other. Proximity nights will occur twice a month. The first night of the month is filled with games, music, and a message about Jesus. The second night of the month is a smaller group discussion based night where we can dig deeper into God’s Word.

Proximity kicks off on September 15th from 7-9 and September 22nd from 7-9

Proximity CG: The other two nights of the month is our Proximity Community Group nights. These nights we will meet with Mountainview Alliance and have a smaller group time together. This fall we will be looking at any questions of faith that the youth may have and have discussions based on those questions. We may have discussion groups based on age, gender, school, or genders.

Proximity CG will start on September 29th from 7-9 and October 6th from 7-9

Our heart behind these changes is to equip and encourage our youth to live out their faith in their schools. Our language this year will be increasingly encouraging our students to invite their friends out to Proximity and to get involved with some of the events that are going on in their schools (Youth Alpha will be running in many of Langley’s high schools in January 2017). We also see that many of our students attend school with the students of Mountainview Alliance and Riverside Calvary Chapel but don’t have a friendship outside of our old Fusion dates. By growing our community stronger with the other two churches we hope those relationships develop allowing them to team up for ministry in their schools.

Source Sunday:
As a staff team, we sat down last month and expressed our feelings that we felt like Fuel (Grades 5-6) and Source (Grades 7-9) needed a new injection of vision. Through much prayer and discernment we have received and new vision and passion for Fuel/Source. Here is what is changing:

Fuel and Source will be combining into one Sunday morning event for Grades 5 to 8 (under the banner of Source). Rather than meeting every fifth and sixth week we are going to meet twice a month. These mornings will start off with a large group lesson in which we examine God’s Word (the first semester we will be going through Genesis and the second semester through the Psalms). We will then break into two smaller groups to have more discussion time about how to apply what God has spoken to us and to pray together. 
We both had similar visions and desired outcomes for our students to receive through Fuel/Source. These objectives are summarized under four branches: Word, Prayer, Community, and Service.

Word: In this branch we desire to see our students know how to read the Bible (e.g. interpretation & journaling); apply it to their lives; and seeing it transform their behaviors and beliefs. 

Prayer: We desire to see our students become comfortable praying aloud together, develop a habit of personal prayer, learn the benefits and importance of silence, and pray for each other.

Community: We desire to see our students form strong relationships with each other that are centered on their common faith in Jesus and to support each other and find support from each other in life’s difficulties.

Service: We desire to see our students develop a heart to serve, compassion for the needy, and to recognize the needs of others and their ability to meet those needs.

Source starts September 18th, September 25th, and October 2nd


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