Friday, January 8, 2016

The Trinity

 The Holy Spirit Series

Lesson 1: Holy Spirit - Intricately

At Fusion this week we started our series for the month of January called "The Holy Spirit." The title is pretty self-explanatory about what we will be talking about this month, the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. To start us off we talked about the Trinity is general so that we can get a better idea of how the Spirit works within the Trinity and its role in the Trinity.

We talked about how every analogy we have to explain the Trinity always falls short. Perhaps you can ask them about some of the analogies we discussed. In the end we recognize that God is beyond our human understanding. The best we can do is say that God is one essence or nature in three persons or centers of consciousness. They share the same will, nature, and essence making them one being but each person enjoys special properties and work in unique ways. God is three distinct persons in one being of unity.

We also looked at the roles each member of the Trinity play. God the Father is the Originator; God the Son is the Revealer; and God the Spirit is the Completer (Stanley Grenz, Created for Community). God the Father is the creator of the universe and source of all life. He is the one who sends Jesus in the form of man and sends the Holy Spirit to dwell in the believers. God the Son reveals to the world who God is and what God's will is through his actions and his teachings. God the Spirit acts as a personal, divine presence in the world continuing the work of salvation in the world and completing it upon Jesus' return.

Within the Trinity, each person points to the others. The Father points to the Son and the Spirit desiring that everyone knows Jesus is His Son and that everyone receives the Spirit. He goes so far as to say aloud twice that Jesus is His beloved Son (Luke 3:21-22; Luke 9:35). And He is the one who pours His Spirit out on the believers. The Son points to the Father and the Spirit as shown in John 14:23-31 (the passage that we looked at). Jesus declares that the words he uses come from the Father (revealing the will of the Father); declares that the Father is greater (who the Father is); and declares that the Spirit will come upon them and help them. The Spirit points to the Father and the Son by bringing us into relationship with the Father and reminds us of  what Jesus taught us (John 14:26) and guiding us to follow him.

Each member of the Trinity works in different ways but has the same will: to point to the other two members of the Trinity. They do this because God is love. The Father eternally loves the Son and the Son eternally loves the Father. The Spirit of this love dwells within the believer. This love is powerful! It is this love that healed the crippled, the dying, the sick. This love sacrificed itself on the cross so that we could participate in this love. This love raised Jesus from the dead and will raise us from the dead when Jesus comes back. This powerful love lives inside of us if we accept Jesus as our savior and follow him. The Spirit is God's love dwelling inside of us and bringing us into relationship with the Father and the Son.

Here are the questions that we discussed in our small groups:

1.     We can’t fully understand everything about God, like how he is three in one. How comfortable are you with not being able to fully understand God?
2.     Why do you think it is important that God is a Trinity?
3.     What words best describe how the Father regards Jesus and the Spirit?
4.     Why do you think Jesus calls the Father “greater than I am” (verse 28) if all persons of the Trinity are equal?
5.     What is one reason you personally need the Holy Spirit in your life?

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