Thursday, August 13, 2015

Birth of the Church

The Church Begins

Jesus has come and gone but he has changed the world forever. No one had ever taught or even spoken with the authority that he had. No one had performed the amount or even some of the kinds of miracles that he had performed. The world would never be the same and it all starts with 12 disciples being filled with the Spirit leading to one sermon preached by Peter that creates a church of at least 3000.

The church grows rapidly, spreading from Jerusalem to the surrounding area, into Greece, Asia, and Africa. We will see the early days of the church in our next readings and God's power continues to be displayed and the church begins to structure itself with the inclusion of the Gentiles. We will see in 9 passages:

1. Miracles Conitnue
2. A Powerful Conversion
3. Gentiles Allowed In
4. Council in Jerusalem
5. Teachings on Love
6. Teachings on Attitude
7. Hall of Faith
8. The New Jerusalem
9. Christ's Second Coming

This is the home stretch!

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