Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

Our last section of readings saw Israel not just remain a nation but become a kingdom. God had remained silent until finally he speaks to a young Samuel, Samson kills many of Israel's enemies, and then we see a bad king (Saul), A good king (David), and a good king gone bad (Solomon). Solomon's error in turning his back on God to follow the gods of his wives has led God to split the kingdom. Because of His promise to David to always keep one of his ancestors on the throne the Kingdom is split into Judah and Israel. Judah is ruled by David's family line and Israel by others. This split leads to both kingdoms being exiled from the promise land.

We start with the kingdom splitting (931 BC) and will go until the Israel begins to rebuild the temple (520 BC), a period of 411 years. We will see:

1. A Revolution
2. Elijah Comes
3. Jonah and the Whale
4. Israel Exiled
5. A Good King of Judah
6. A Prophecy of Jesus
7. Judah Exiled
8. New Life Promised
9. Daniel and the Lions' Den
10. Return of the Temple

927 years until Jesus!!!!

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