Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reading 8: Enter Moses

Exodus 1:8-2:10

Jacob and his entire family moved to Egypt and thrived there. Joseph was in a position of power and was a hero to the Egyptians because he not only saved them from the famine but also allowed them to gain great wealth by selling excess grain to other nations. Eventually Joseph and all his brothers die and within a few generations there are Israelites everywhere. In fact there are so many that they outnumbered Egyptians (Exodus 1:9). Well a new Pharaoh takes power, Amenhotep I, and he doesn't know anything about what Joseph had done for the Egyptians but just sees this people group that could destroy his nation if they decided to. So he enslaves them and makes them build cities (Pithom and Raameses) hoping that he could shrink their numbers.

What is left of the city of Raameses

This, however, did not work. The Israelites just kept having babies and continued to grow. So Amenhotep puts more oppression upon them but still the keep having babies. He then tells the midwives to kill all the male children, that way they stop having babies. The midwives did not do this and so more babies kept coming. Amenhotep then spreads the news to all the Egyptians that if they find any male Israelite babies they are to throw them into the Nile and kill them.

Amenhotep is unimpressed with your baby making
During this time Moses is born and his mother hides him for 3 months. She knows that she will be caught eventually and so sends him down the Nile hoping that he will survive. This wasn't just a lovely little cruise for baby Moses but was quite a dangerous ride.

This lives in the Nile and it will eat babies
 But God's hand was over Moses and He protected him right into the arms of Pharaoh's daughter. The love of a mother who trusted God to protect her child brought Moses to a spot to be raised as an Egyptian and later save the Israelites from oppression.

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