Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Entering the Promised Land

The Israelites have finished wandering the wilderness for forty years. Disobedience of the God who powerfully brought them out of Egypt caused a whole generation to miss out entering the Promised Land. The task has fallen from Moses to Joshua who started by conquering Jericho. We are now going to skip forward to Israel when they are already established as a nation in the Promised Land. Since the death of Joshua God has rarely spoken to Israel. He would call up judges from time to time to deliver Israel from the Philistines who were attacking them but it wasn't until Samuel that God began speaking consistently again.

Our next section contains four readings spanning about 135 years. We will see feats of strength and the establishment of a monarchy. Our readings will be:

1. God Speaks Again
2. Fall of Samson
3. David and Goliath
4. King Solomon

We are 1100 years away from the birth of Jesus. Close but not quite there so let's keep going.

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